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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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The Living Word

Devotions for the week ahead


About this resource


Sunday, for us following the way of Jesus Christ, marks the beginning of a new week. As dawn approaches we remember the wonder of the creation of the world, and whether we look out on snow crested branches or on blooming wildflowers, we hear that precious Word: all of this is very good. We gather to worship, dwelling with one another in person or in spiritual communion wherever we are, remembering the unending love of God for the world unveiled in the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We share in Christ's flesh and blood, drawing into a holy communion with God and one another—"O the depth of love divine, the unfathomable grace!" Then we hold space for one another, to chat over a cup of coffee, puzzle over God's Word together, laugh with mouths full of snacks and sweets. This is church.

But Sunday is just the beginning. We begin our week in celebration and rejoicing that we get to walk this resurrection life again. We are sent out into our common lives, to our places of work, our places of rest, and all the places in between where we live. We can bring all that Sunday resurrection joy to these places. What you have before you is a resource to help you remember to bring the way of Jesus Christ into everyday life.
Each week—on Monday if time permits—this Living Word will be distributed. It will contain the Scripture readings from Sunday, a transcript of the Pastor's sermon, questions for reflection, and some suggestions for practicing our faith. This resource intends to extend our Sunday rejoicing into the rest of our week. You can use this resource however you feel it will give you life. Consider adding it to your devotions in the morning, chatting about the Scriptures over dinner with a friend, or even using this in a covenant group or small group.

The Living Word


The Week of February 5th, 2023 (Epiphany 5)


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